Vote Little Dog!

We are in the running for a FedEx Small Business Grant of up to $25,000, to help with our renovation, and we need your vote.  Please click here , and look for the "Vote" button - Be sure and vote once every 24 hours! 

Some of you have called the condition of our shop ‘charming’.  Others just ask, ‘Paul, when are you renovating?’  Very fair question as we do need to replace, and not simply repair, just about everything from floor to ceiling.  A renovation of this magnitude, however, carries a big price tag, bigger than makes good business sense for us to finance by conventional means. 

The FedEx loan is a great start, but it’s a long shot.  These nationwide small business contests rarely fund renovation over product development.  But, if we overwhelm them with support, our chances increase substantially.  So, when you have time, please put in a vote for us, then another, and another, and another.  And spread the word.