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The Little Dog Coffee Shop offers locally roasted coffee, beer and wine, homemade baked goods, sandwiches, soups, salads - - using local meats and produce whenever possible.

Little Dog Coffee Shop Renovation

The Little Dog Renovation FAQ:  Shop Owner Paul Harrison Answers Your Questions

Q:  Rumor has you're doing a renovation. Are you really doing a renovation and when is it happening?

A:  Heck Yeah!  (We hope).  After 12.5 years the Little Dog is tired and in need of a major facelift.  Not only have we ‘wore through the floor’, we’ve worn through the furniture, fixtures and much of the equipment as well.  First, though, we need to raise the money.  That’s where we need your help.  So, stay tuned.

Q:  How long will the renovation take and when will it kick off?

A:  The construction guys estimate 2 weeks. If we’re successful with our crowd sourcing campaign, we’ll more than likely shut down sometime for a while next winter.

Q:  Will the shop be closed during the time of renovation?

A:  More than likely so it goes quicker.  

Q:  Is the layout going to be the same?

 A:  The overall layout will be very similar.  Any changes will be focused on flow on both sides of the counter, rather than a whole new layout.

Q:  Will the vibe change/will the culture be effected? Will you still have a space for children to play?

A:  The Little Dog will, hopefully, remain ‘same as it ever was’ in terms of culture and vibe.  We will continue to be a place where all are welcome, including your kids!  The couches, chairs, and toy boxes will be there to welcome you all back.

Q:  Are you growing/getting bigger or will the space size be the same? Will the menu be changing with the reopening? 

A:  Bigger?  How nice would that be! Alas, we have but one space to occupy on the corner of Maine and Bank.  Our overall menu will remain, including the fact that it all will continue to be made and prepared right in front of you every day. 

Q:  Will you hours change as a result of the renovation?  

A:  Monday through Saturday, 6 am – 6 pm.  Sunday 7 am – 6 pm.  No changes.

Q:  Are you updating the flooring?

A:  Replacing the floor is tops on our list.  We’ll be tearing up the carpet and replacing it with plank flooring.  We’ll also be adding sound absorption panels to compensate for the change.

Q:  Are you updating the bathroom?

A:  More toilet paper………of course we are.  In addition to a new floor, sink and toilet, we will be making the bathroom a bit more friendly for people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities. 

Q:  Is the paint color going to change?

A:  The paint will, like you all, remain in the same family.  Maybe a little lighter and brighter, without eliminating the warmth.  Keep your eyes peeled for a sample here and there.

Q:  Are you going to have two registers?

A:  Of course.  We’ve heard you loud and clear!

Q:  Is anything changing about the coffee?

A:  Our coffee will still be roasted by Coffee By Design at their Diamond Street Portland roaster.

Q:  Will you have a bigger kitchen?

A:  A bigger kitchen, that would be nice.  Our goal is to provide our food folks with more space and an extra oven.  I would not quite call it a bigger ‘kitchen’ though.

Q:  Will we be able to bring our dogs inside?

A:  Dogs will always be welcome at our outdoor seating.  Inside, not so much.  Sometime during our second year, Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services put an end to all dogs inside all eating establishments in Maine. 

Q:  Will parking availability change at all?

A:  As far as I know, the public parking lot in the back of our shop and the street parking out front will remain as it is now.  This is town owned property and not ours to change or manage. 

Q:  How are you raising money for the renovation and can I get involved?

A:  We are and that is where we hope you all get involved.  Around about a year or so into the overall design and planning of the renovation, I woke up one night thinking, ‘At nearly age 58, do I really want to take out another 10-year loan to do all of this?’ As you might guess, I think not.  I humbly submit, we will need your help.

Q:  Are you using local contractors and suppliers? 

A:  We are using a Bath architect, Brunswick construction company, Brunswick and Lewiston subcontractors, a Portland design consultant, and Portland and Winthrop based coffee and restaurant equipment supply companies.  All of these contractors, I’m sure, use a combination of local and national suppliers. 


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