The Little Dog Coffee Shop

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The Little Dog Coffee Shop offers locally roasted coffee, beer and wine, homemade baked goods, sandwiches, soups, salads - - using local meats and produce whenever possible.

Temptation Bundling…..A Coffee + A Task = A Productive Day

Katherine Milkman, is an assistant professor at the Wharton School at U. of PA.  Her interest in behavioral economics led her to discover a motivational technique she calls "temptation bundling".   Temptation bundling involves pairing something you love with a task that you tend to avoid.  In this recent Freakonomics podcast episode, she explains her research that showed how individuals will exercise more consistently when it is paired with listening to a favorite book on tape.  It's kinda fascinating stuff.  

The Little Dog believes that we see this theory in practice every day in the shop as our customers pair things like coffee + meeting, or muffin + studying, or latte + paperwork….. I think you might know what we mean.  And we encourage you to pair everything we offer at Little Dog with that task that you find yourself avoiding--- as long as that task doesn't involve a heavy equipment.  But hey, you can always get your order to go!