The Little Dog Coffee Shop

Sit. Stay. Enjoy.

The Little Dog Coffee Shop offers locally roasted coffee, beer and wine, homemade baked goods, sandwiches, soups, salads - - using local meats and produce whenever possible.

Lattes, coffee beans and homemade blueberry muffins


Where is the Little Dog Coffee Shop located?

We’re located smack in the middle of downtown Brunswick, ME.  87 Maine Street, on the corner of Maine and Bank, with plenty of parking in the front and back of the shop.  

When are you open?

Glad you asked. We’re a 7-day a week operation, taking only Thanksgiving and Christmas off to make coffee at home. Our hours are Monday – Sunday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, Call us even on the worst Maine weather days, as we rarely close due to storms.

Where do you buy your coffee?

We are very proud to buy our beans from Maine’s very own Coffee By Design. Coffee By Design is a certified organic manufacturer that directly sources only sustainably farmed green coffee beans. I have enjoyed the privilege of visiting one of the farms that CBD buys from, La Manita Farm, Costa Rica, and witnessed first-hand that CBD only buys coffee from growers that provide 100% traceability.  I can assure all of our customers that our coffee is grown only where the environment and all those involved in growing and providing our beans are treated with total respect for fairness and sustainability.

Who makes your food?

We do!  With the exception of our gluten-free offerings, we make, bake, and serve our entire menu.  We also buy local whenever we can, such as fresh meat raised and butchered at LP Bisson & Sons Farm and Meat Market, bread from Borealis Bread, and gluten-free bagels, muffins, and sweet treats from Wildflours and Bam Bam gluten free bakeries. See our menu here.

Does the Little Dog have an agenda?

We do: Sit. Stay. Enjoy. That’s it.  We don’t care who you vote for, pray to, or sleep with. We don’t even care if you’re talking on your cell phone while ordering, just as long as we get the gist of what you’d like. Nor do we advocate for any political or religious cause. We support numerous organizations and causes in the greater Brunswick area by donating goods and services throughout the year, but we do not advocate on behalf of any particular group or cause. We limit our bulletin board to non-profit events, music, film, lectures, circuses, etc. And we never allow any person or group to interfere with a customer’s enjoyment of our shop. This is your place and we do all we can to make it a safe, comfortable, and relaxed space for you and your friends.

Do you have free Wi-Fi?

We offer Wi-Fi to all of our customers free of charge. Each customer is provided with our wireless Internet password on his or her receipt. We spend a considerable amount of resources insuring that our wireless is easily accessible and reliable to all of our customers.  

How do I get a job there?

We try hard to make this a great place to work, but employees do move on — so we encourage anyone interested in working with us to take a few minutes to read over what we ask of our baristas and full out our online application

Do you recycle?

Heck yeah we do! We break down and recycle any and everything that can go in our single stream-recycling bin. We also provide free coffee grounds for composting to our customers throughout the spring, summer, and fall. We can’t stand waste and overflowing dumpsters.  

Is there really a Little Dog?

There is, indeed — like Jerry West, you could call our Swedish Valhund Otis ‘The Logo.” Otis does exist and looks exactly like the logo on our merchandise, only he’s not a silhouette and his hair is real. He is a shy little pup, though, which is why you may not have had the pleasure of meeting our namesake. If you do notice a German Shepard looking torso scampering around on Corgi legs, you may have gotten a glimpse of the real Little Dog.

Do you sell merchandise?

We sell travel mugs, diner and bistro mugs, t-shirts, and hats, all with Otis’s likeness prominently and simply representing our shop. We sell these at the shop, but we can also ship our goods anywhere you like. Visit our online shop to purchase our popular coffee beans, whole or ground to your preference.